The Technical Rescue Team (TRT) specializes in three specific technical rescue disciplines:

  • swift water rescue,
  • confined space rescue, and
  • high angle rescue.

Membership in this division requires attendance at six of the twelve training sessions held each year at minimum. SORS organizes monthly Saturday sessions for training, and provides opportunities for members to attend other training sessions outside of SORS. In order to become a full member of TRT several years of training are typically necessary to accrue all certifications at the necessary level. Provisional members may respond to calls and participate up to the level of their training. Complete training requirements will be provided to provisional members by the training officer, and must be completed to become a regular member.

The Team hosts certification classes for:

  • Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT1)
  • Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced (SRTA)
  • NC Technical Rescuer (TR) Rope Rescue
  • NC Technical Rescuer (TR) Water Rescue
  • NC Technical Rescuer (TR) Confined Space Rescue


For more information on the TRT division - visit the contact page.